Student K

I don’t feel safe at home. If I say something, I know that I’ll be taken away and my sibling will be split up. My mom would never forgive me but I hate it here. [...]

Student J

Last night was a rough one for me. I found out my parents didn't have enough money to pay the rent and the landlord kicked us out of our trailer. That man threw out our [...]

Student I

I'm currently enrolled in some honors classes and I feel like I don't belong. In my honors classes, I've counted a total of 8 kids that look like me. Since I'm taking honors classes, some [...]

Student G

I have holes underneath my shoes. When it is raining, my socks would get extremely wet. I don't complain about my shoes to my mom because she is battling a few things. I have to [...]

Student F

(Teacher Submitted) I am a 15 year old in 7th grade with ADHD. My mom is in prison for dealing drugs (I have not seen her in 7 years)and my dad is mentally unstable and [...]

Student D

My dad is locked up, my older brother is locked up, and my cousin is locked up. I might as well be locked up too. All my teachers be tripping on me. When I tell [...]

Student C

My teacher asked me to stay behind and I was nervous. Turns out that my teacher noticed my scars on my wrists. I’ve been trying to hide them just like the pain I feel. Every [...]

Student B

Growing up, I’ve always been told that something is wrong with me. My parents were always working and we rarely spent time together. They gave me a cell phone to occupy my time and I [...]

Student A

Distracted from school because my mother got a new boyfriend and they fight all night. He yells and screams at me. He drinks more beer and then he knocks himself out to sleep. Sleeping lightly [...]

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