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(Teacher Submitted)
I am a 15 year old in 7th grade with ADHD. My mom is in prison for dealing drugs (I have not seen her in 7 years)and my dad is mentally unstable and homeless. My 19 year old sister has custody of me and has a newborn baby with her boyfriend. I go home to my sister and her boyfriend screaming and yelling and no one wants to pay attention to me. I am in control of myself and I think that I am a man (because no one has shown me how to be one). I get my attention at school by fighting, spreading rumors and bullying kids. I am really smart and want to do better but it is so hard for me to focus on positive things in my life. I have asked for help and no one came to help me, so I have shut down and stopped doing my work. I spend class time walking around my classroom and bothering students until I am sent to the office. I have over 40 referrals ranging from minor offenses to drug possession and multiple assaults and physical attacks on staff and students. To fix my issues, I was sent to Brandon Alternative. It took my teachers 2 semesters of seeking councilors, calling my sister, collecting “data”, talking to administration and trying and get me more help. This is my 2nd time at Brandon Alternative in 2 years. I never used to be like this. I am a Christian who attends church regularly and I pray every day for my life to change. What is wrong with me? Why will no one help me?

Bianca Goolsby, MBA
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