About Bianca Goolsby, MBA

Bianca amplifies the voices of the oppressed through intentional national advocacy. Her advocacy work has been featured on ABC Action News, Yahoo, Bay News 9, Florida Channel, and other various media outlets. Her work empowers and equips families to curate safe social spaces for themselves and their children.

Student I

I'm currently enrolled in some honors classes and I feel like I don't belong. In my honors classes, I've counted a total of 8 kids that look like me. Since I'm taking honors classes, some [...]

Teacher E

(Teacher Submitted) Where is the line of demarcation between what’s best for the kids and what’s equitable for teachers? Isn’t it best for the kids when the adults in front of them on a daily [...]

Teacher D

I started my 7th-period class and greeted my students as we prepared for day’s lesson. About 15 minutes into the lesson, two of my fellow teachers came into my classroom because they needed help. My [...]

Student H

(Privately Submitted) I'm ashamed to tell my story but I know I need to heal. I'm a young 15-year old girl that was attacked again by my ex. Don't worry, I'm fine. He didn't hurt [...]

Teacher C

(Teacher Submitted) Day by day, depression is creeping in. I don't find any enjoyment in my work. I'm tired and I'm unsure how I'm still surviving. My administrative staff doesn't support me. They intentionally moved [...]

Student G

I have holes underneath my shoes. When it is raining, my socks would get extremely wet. I don't complain about my shoes to my mom because she is battling a few things. I have to [...]

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