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I’m speechless but writing somehow eases the pain. Our ancestors were laid to rest in this historic land. What baffles me is that the district didn’t protect this land at all costs. It was clearly marked that a cemetery existed. The district was aware to take extra precautions when purchasing this property. So here we are? If our ancestors are under the gym, it will be difficult to recover them. Did you just read that? Forgotten souls because of negligence, systemic oppression, and white supremacy. Why didn’t these Black Lives Matter? Why wasn’t extra precautions taken?

This news comes after Zion Cemetery. Nearly 400 people buried were missing. Discovering around 130 graves at Robles Park Village. Why is this happening? How are you working with families that prefer not living on sacred ground?

The question that still remains for the community, how many more do we have? According to Mr. Kite-Powell, “This is the third we have talked about in the last 12 months. There have to be more. People have lived in Tampa for a very long time.”

This doesn’t sit right for me. We need to uncover the dark past of Tampa. Why is this happening in this city? A full investigation should be done to ensure we pay proper respects to our ancestors. This is not okay. Our community deserves better than this. Respect us and treat us equally.


Bianca Goolsby, MBA
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