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As a former educator, this is my plea:

School districts have already started the privatization of teachers. It’s called Kelly Services! (or whatever they call their substitute service in different areas) Next, they want to do this to the custodians. The real heroes on the school campus.

Think about how many certified teachers would leave certain schools to be replaced by subs. So who gets left behind?

Districts don’t bat an eye because they ‘met’ their obligation. They feed the children with water tested positive for lead. Place students in classrooms and some schools still do not have functioning AC units. Expect children to be their best. Test the hell out of them. Then celebrates in the media that they are doing a great job. NO!

The State of Florida scored an F in ELA. 70% of ALL the 3rd graders that recently tested are NOT proficient in reading.

We have districts that only want to talk about good things. They want to highlight awards but fail to mention some critical data. Do you know according to ACLU, Hillsborough County Public Schools LEADS the state in student arrests? The school to prison pipeline isn’t a hoax. TPD and the Sheriff’s Office have a history of being aggressive to our black and brown children.

One story broke my heart. An innocent young black male was attending a fair with his friends. The mother allowed her child to attend because the ticket was marked as-if this was a school event. She thought her son would be safe! The police at the fair took this child for no reason and failed to notify his parents. Hours later, he loses his life because he was hit by a car. The police abandoned him near I-4 at night and they didn’t take this Young King back where they stole him from. We need to say his name: #AndrewJosephIII

It’s a war on black children out here and I need your attention.

We can’t continue to do the same thing. We can’t continue with these policies that systemically leave kids behind. We can’t continue to address school shootings without addressing root issues. We can’t continue to hire and promote ineffective and complicit leaders. We can’t continue to not be involved in our children’s education. We can’t continue to pretend that this is not serious. Our future generation is being set up for failure and the rate of suicide continues to increase. We need ACTION NOW!

Bianca Goolsby, MBA
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