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(Teacher Submitted)

Where is the line of demarcation between what’s best for the kids and what’s equitable for teachers?

Isn’t it best for the kids when the adults in front of them on a daily basis feel respected and validated as professionals?

Or are we only “professionals” when they want us to sit down and suck it up?

Unfortunately, in the world of education you are always a servant leader.

Emphasis on “servant.”

You give your time

You give your money

You give your heart

You give your health

And when the powers that be request your soul and you refuse–

Wow betide thee, o selfish unprofessional one!

Rules and regulations exist to keep everyone in line with the company’s vision and mission statement, but the rules only apply to those in corner offices and to the students.

Rules and regulations meant to protect the servant leaders, the men and women on the frontline, burrowed into the foxholes are only meant for show and appeasement.

“Professional” is a shield used to keep protest and justice at bay.

Bianca Goolsby, MBA
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