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(Privately Submitted)
I’m ashamed to tell my story but I know I need to heal. I’m a young 15-year old girl that was attacked again by my ex. Don’t worry, I’m fine. He didn’t hurt me and I only have one scratch on my arm.

I’m popular on Instagram. I have over 15K followers to be exact. The boys at the school spread rumors about me. One boy created this entire story online about how he had sex with me. I never touched him and the kids at school are calling me a hoe.

I told my teachers at school and they told me to file a report. Nothing happened and he still has it up on his page to boost his followers up.

I can’t focus on school because my cellphone keeps buzzing. I have tons of text messages, DMs, and Snaps. I hear my teacher in the background but I’m not listening.

I need to raise my hand to use the bathroom and figure out why my phone is blowing up. My teacher let me go and I’m in the bathroom to discover that my ex found the video.

I’m frantic because I know he is going to be pissed. The last time we fought, he almost injured my arm. This is too much to deal with and this is why I can’t focus in school. All of this unnecessary drama in school is making go crazy.

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